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    New Galaxy Quest Empty New Galaxy Quest

    Post by Lzrs on Mon Aug 13, 2012 12:58 am

    EDIT: Updated, since the res required has changed.

    For those wondering about whether to research it or not:

    • There is currently no quest after it.
    • You do NOT get a galaxy created after researching. (Creating a galaxy cost 1M credits after you've done the research.)

    Creating your own galaxy....

    • You're the leader of the galaxy, with 10 permanent votes automatically added to you. (This means that whenever you leave the galaxy and come back, you will still retain 10 votes.)
    • Whenever someone views the galaxy tab, they'll see the name of the founder (a.k.a You)
    • You can lock the galaxy, to create a one-man galaxy. (Not recommended, due to many activities needing a team of people.)


    • You've spent more resources than it is rewarding, unless you really want a new galaxy and be the leader of it.
    • You cannot set diplomacy changes until 24hr after the creation of the galaxy.
    • If you want a specific number for your galaxy, you might not get it. This can be due to someone else creating that specific galaxy right before you, or a new player finishing chapter 2, with no galaxies slot open, thereby creating a galaxy.

    There's probably more things than I've posted above. However, these are the main points for the new galaxy quest.

    TL;DR Do research the tech, but do NOT create a new galaxy. However, if you want to be the leader of a new galaxy and be forever alone, do it.

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