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    Private Message/Mute Empty Private Message/Mute

    Post by Lzrs on Mon Aug 13, 2012 1:01 am

    To private message someone, you have to click on their name in the chat, which brings up a drop-down menu with 2 options: Private Chat and Mute.

    Private chat is obviously for talking privately with that specific person, with blue font and italicized. To go back to normal chat, click the "To [Player Name]" part and it will disappear.

    Mute allows you to silence the person, with no way to unmute in-game. You'll have to clear your flash cache. There's 2 ways to do it, but I'll give you the universal way for every browser...
    I'll be lazy and not rewrite/paraphrase the same thing as this site, so click this link: SimpleHelp and follow the directions

    EDIT: There is a unmute tab option located in the friends list area now. Go click the friends button (little person icon), click friends, then there's a tab called unmute.

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